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Re: Mamiya 645 lenses

Postby NNN635934946108963955 » Fri Jan 15, 2021 6:13 pm

purezerg wrote:Sorry for digging up old thread but anyone tried the reverse?
Meaning mounting blue ring lenses on AFD1/2/3?
I would want to try film again. And having a plethora of BR lenses, I was hoping that all I needed to invest was an AFD BODY and film back

I can confirm it. I tried it out.

But all Mamiya AF and D lenses non LS will work even the 28mm which was discussed it could not work.
As I remember you have to make a firmware update ( lens and body)
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Re: Mamiya 645 lenses

Postby Hepcat » Wed Mar 24, 2021 4:00 pm

As this old thread was recently resurrected, and I recently acquired a used XF and have a stable of legacy Mamiya 645 manual focus lenses, I can say without hesitation that all six of the lenses I have:

the 35mm f/3.5 N,
55mm f/2.8 C,
80mm f/1.9 N,
110mm f/2.8 N,
120mm f/4 macro A,
145mm f/4 SF C and,
150mm f/2.8 A

all mount and operate as designed on the XF (as a completely manual lens, of course) with the rear base rings modified to clear the lower set of contacts on the XF. It's about a 15 minute job per lens, and all you need is a cross point screwdriver, Dremel grinder, and a little flat black paint. Instructions are on the Phase One website.

I have a Leaf Credo back and the image quality is equal to that of my S-K 80mm LS silver-ring in everything that I need to shoot.
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