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Export: Error output Processing file (Solved, mostly)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:25 am
by NN635559292411780354UL
I've had trouble trying to export variants (as JPGs). I would get an "Error output processing file xxxxx.*censored word*" for every file. I could export originals (raw files), and I could export JPGs with a trial version of Capture one V10.

After 5 days of back-and-forth messages with support, there was no answer. A hint from another message on this forum led me to my Antivirus (BitDefender) Ransomware protection. It has a "trusted application" list, to which I have added three Capture One exectuables: captureone.exe, captureprocess.exe, and imgcoreprocess.exe.

This is still not perfect. I can now export JPGs, but after some seemingly random number of exports (50 to 110), I get a different error message on all subsequent exports. However, I can then close Capture One, restart it, and export another 50 to 110 JPGs. Seems likely related to BitDefender, but not sure how to fix it.