Locating images in catalog failes when importing

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Locating images in catalog failes when importing

Postby Angelo87 » Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:48 pm

Dear community,

my laptop stopped working and luckily I had my catalogs saved on a different drive than the system ssd.
When I set up a new desktop computer I installed Capture One Pro 8 again and hoped to easily import the last backup I had of my catalog. Most of my files are on a NAS, some where still on the data hdd of my laptop that I put into my desktop system.

Capture showed me a message that some image wasn´t found and I can "Locate" it. I knew that the image is on my NAS so I was ready to relocate the files. But every time I clicked on "locate" the same window would pop up again with a different image listed only that it never actualy lets me relocate the image on my NAS.

Anyone knows a solution to this? I`d be very glad!
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