Creating customized notification/warning in Capture one 8?

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Creating customized notification/warning in Capture one 8?

Postby senkum » Thu May 26, 2016 8:37 am

Hi Forum,

Is there is anyway we can create a warning / notification in Capture one 8 if there is any discrepancy in color profile mismatch?

We have a studio with multiple photographers working as a freelance. We have standard color profile settings (sRGB) for web. At times new freelance photographers forgetting to check process recipe tab to choose sRGB before processing the images thus creating a JPEG image with wrong color profile.

Can we get an alert/ notification in capture one 8 if the process recipe is not set to sRGB? To my knowledge there option as such but can we create one ?

please help me to avoid color profile mismatch issues. Your help will highly appreciated.
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