CO8 loss connection, will camera buffer write to card?

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CO8 loss connection, will camera buffer write to card?

Postby ErickLeskinen » Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:57 pm

I believe, I know the answer. I have a client photographer that using Canon 1D Mark III with the latest CO 8. Sometimes the software loss connection to the camera, but there are photographs in the buffer. She assumes disconnecting the camera's USB will free up the buffer to copy images to the card. She see the camera back display spinning until she disconnect the USB, then the display counting down, but no images are wrote to the card. I know the CO 8 software disables the card coping function. There for I think the buffer clear out the images and they are lost. Until the camera is turn off and on to enable the writing to the card would work? Is this correct?

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