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Preview colour shift (Capture one 8)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 10:39 am
by basechildrenswear
Hi guys, have tried official support but with no luck.

Recently we have a problem with the preview panel of capture one. Whenever we shoot tethered, the image preview has a very yellow/red cast to it, even though the colour balance has not been adjusted and the white balance is set up correctly. We can see this when we open up the image in Adobe photoshop or the photo viewer app on the computer. The whites are rendered much better in these apps (so the photo being captured is accurate - even if the preview is not).
We can not work out how to make capture one's preview show these colours accurately.
We use a Dell XPS 8700 with the screen Dell S2240L.
I have attached a screenshot to give an example (

Any ideas? I'm stumped! :?
Thank you in advance, Adrian

Re: Preview colour shift (Capture one 8)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:46 am
by SFA

Have you by any chance changed cameras at the same time as the problem appeared?

The reason I ask is that although this looks like a processing problem and may be one I have seen a similar "pink" cast on images from some Canon cameras - mostly when recovering highlights. The histogram seems to indicate a high red sensitivity at the extreme white boundary. However the odd thing is that 2 shots taken fractions of a second apart using multi-shot mode will often result in the first file being OK and second having the "pink blush" - especially noticeable in the white areas - clouds in a landscape for example.

Other than establishing and saving a revised ICC profile or default colour adjustment for the camera to auto correct the balance I have yet to find a permanent "fix". In my case it's a somewhat random event shooting in the great outdoors but I could imagine that in a studio environment it could become a consistent and annoying challenge.

I see this, when it occurs, mostly using a 600D (used mainly as a body to host manual lenses) and an S90. My 1DIII does not seem to be affected.

I know others have mentioned a tendency for Canon file interpretation in Capture One to appear overly "warm" in the reds and browns which could appear to be somewhat related to the tint problem you see but I think that is something different. It's a comment that also seems to be more regularly connected with Canon cameras released in recent years - after the 600D for example and certainly after the 1D3!

Have a look at the histogram for the red channel and see how it compares to the B and G.

If you have a sample file you can share publicly I would be happy to have a quick look to see if it corresponds with things I have seen previously. I can compare in both V8 and V9.



Re: Preview colour shift (Capture one 8)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:07 pm
by basechildrenswear
Hi Grant,

Thanks for the reply. The strange thing is it seems the RAW file which is captured is actually accurate (look at the screenshot link I included, where I opened the same file in photoshop and windows preview). It is just the way that Capture one displays the preview. If I hover over an area which is supposed to be white/grey etc, then the RGB values are all equal, however the preview definitely looks warm with a red/yellow tinge.

Maybe it is a processing issue relating to colour management (colour profiles) in windows?


Re: Preview colour shift (Capture one 8)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:26 pm
by SFA
Hi Adrian,

I think it depends on whether one is viewing the interpreted RAW or the embedded OOC jpg. But yep, it is strange.

The general reports of over sensitivity to "red" that I mentioned cover MAC users too so I don't think the basis is a Windows issue - though of course this might be an anomaly that presents several different core issue in a way that makes them all look the same to the observer!

Have a look at the available profiles in you V8 installation. If you have 8.3 I think you will find a second profile offering for the 7DII. If has a slightly different colour profile as I recall. You can apply that to see if it makes a difference to your files.

Although C1 ICC profiles are specific to each camera differences between profiles can often be very subtle - even across camera brands. For testing purposes trying different profiles can help to spot where inbuilt limitations may exist. Alternative profiles may result in some colour inaccuracies (for example) but whether that would be significant rather depends on the purpose of the results. Differences may be non-existent, very slight or they could be quite noticeable. But if simply testing for a colour cast difference or elimination in a quick test none of that may matter.

Check the levels tool to see how the individual colours graph. You may see notable red to the right. Or, to consider it differently, green and blue not going far enough to the right! Play with the exposure slider to make any differences more obvious.

I don't really have a comparable image to use as a visual example. Sorry.



Revisiting your screen shot. The colour values on the C1 image, assuming they are form the background, seem to suggest a tiny amount of excess red and tad more lack of blue. Might be just enough to cause the "tint" but does not answer the "why" question.

Re: Preview colour shift (Capture one 8)

PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 4:39 am
by NNN636165520662485715
i have same problem.. did you solve it?