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LR Catalogue Upload and Catalogue Location Questions

PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 8:43 pm
by NNN637052982877465510
I am intending on switching from LR desktop for various reasons, and Capture One Pro 12 is my preferred option after investigating a number of options. My main priorities are to have an all-in-one program in which I can organize my photos in a similar way to LR, store these photos locally, and obviously editing options similar or superior to LR (I am an amateur).

Q1. I understand how to export the LR catalogue and import this into Capture One Pro 12, but am having some issues. I organize my photos by year, event, and then camera type. For instance, 2019 --> Cottage --> 09-21 Weekend --> Nikon D750/Nikon D300/iPhone. I can export the photos from within a folder (ie, Nikon D750 folder) and import these into a catalogue in Capture One Pro 12, and I can export my entire LR catalogue (but at almost 300,000 images, this is going to literally takes days). Is there a way to export further up the subdirectory tree (ie, 2019) and maintain all the sub-folders when these are imported into Capture One Pro 12?

Q2. My photos are stored on an external hard drive. How do I direct Capture One Pro 12 to this external hard drive rather than my internal hard drive?

Re: LR Catalogue Upload and Catalogue Location Questions

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:58 pm
by IanL
I wrote about my experiences in getting a LR catalog imported back when I did this my self:

If you have a LR catalog must import it into a C1 catalogue. As you can see from the above it may pay to create a version of your LR catalog that only contains files that C1 supports.

A1 You should be using a C1 catalogue that references your RAW files - that way the directory structure you have will be preserved. You do not need to do anything to have C1 respect your directory structure.

A2 If your LR catalog is referencing the images on your external drive then your C1 catalogue that you import the LR catalog into will also reference the external drive.