Advanced Search on import; search criteria problem

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Advanced Search on import; search criteria problem

Postby CBF23 » Thu Sep 26, 2019 6:10 am

I've just started shooting bracketed with my Fuji X-T1 (Windows 10) for HDR 360-degree panoramas with the exposure bracket set for +/- 1. I'd like to shoot exposures bracketed at +/- 2 so I could get 5 exposures at -4, -2, 0, +2, +4. Easy with a newer X camera but the X-T1 doesn't have that capability so I have to shoot nine exposures with the EC dial set at 3 , -1, -3 to get the 5 mentioned above. This leaves me with unwanted exposures of +3, -1, -3 and an extra/duplicate at -2. Not the most convenient, esp. compared to the X cameras that followed, but for now it gets me what I want, even if it's a bit more work.

What I'd to do is use the 'Advanced Search' function at the Import stage to filter out the desired exposures which would cut my import time down by almost half and save me from having to import unwanted exposures which I'd have to delete after importing. When I bring up Advanced Search I first select "Match Anyof the following rules:" and under "Search Criteria" I select "Exposure Compensation" "equals" "4" and then below add another search criteria where the EC equals 2.

My problem is that I seem unable to choose a search criteria where Exposure Compensation equals -2, or -4. I'm using the minus symbol on the numerical part of my keyboard, but that doesn't work. As soon as I enter a number the "-" symbol disappears. I'm aware that photos shot at "0" don't have exposure compensation, but what search criteria would I use to filter them out for import as well?

Any suggestions on how to either select the negative even numbered exposures and the zero exposure compensation shots or an easier/faster/more logical way to select the exposures I want to import? I'd like to think this is easier to do with CO 12 as opposed to filtering out the unwanted exposures on the camera itself.
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Re: Advanced Search on import; search criteria problem

Postby SFA » Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:36 am

I don;t have any examples I can think of that would allow me to try this so it's my suggestion is untested but if you activate the Exposure Compensation as a Filter for the Filter tool C1 should then assess the Compensation values applied and give you options to select the ones you want.

So the first step here might be to see what values the filter reports and whether the minus values are recognised.

If they are then t should be possible to use the filter in your import search.

If they are not then it would probably be reasonable to raise a Support Case with C1 to point out the problem.

If they are individually recognised BUT cannot be used in the Search definition (rather then the filter tool) then that may also be a good reason to raise a Support Case to point out that discovery to the Support Team.


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Re: Advanced Search on import; search criteria problem

Postby CBF23 » Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:02 am

Figured out how to do this and so will pass along in case anyone else ever needs to search for shots with negative Exposure Compensation values.

I was trying to search by first using the minus "-" symbol and then typing the number, but the key is to do the reverse. If you want to search for shots with a -3 Exposure Compensation you need to type 3 first, followed by the minus symbol. Not exactly intuitive (imo), but it gets me where I want to be.
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