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New user - border around wide angle images in browser

PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:40 am
by nigelj
I'm a new user of Capture One (v12 on Windows 10 Pro) having used LR for years. I'm not a professional though...enthusiatic amateur is about right! Using a Nikon Z6 with 24-70 F4 S lens.

Just got back from holiday and was browsing through my images last night...I noticed that in the browser view, on all images taken with a zoom of about 29mm or wider, a dark grey transparent border appears around the image (See attached image), and the image in the viewer is cropped to that border. When I'm offline (my images are on a separate HDD that isn't connected today), to force the border to appear I need to change any of the lens profile adjustments (distortion, sharpness or falloff). If I view the image say in the WIndows Photos app, it displays the whole image, not cropped to the border.

Oddly, I downloaded a few images from camera to my phone to upload whilst away, and initially noticed that the wide angle shots showed a black border on my phone. I deleted them, then copied from my backup HDD that I had away with me to my phone and the border had vanished...very strange!

Please can someone explain what the border is telling me?

Cheers, Nige

Re: New user - border around wide angle images in browser

PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:20 am
by Ian3
This is the result of automatic lens correction. If you go to the lens tab, and pull the distortion slider down to zero, the "border" will disappear - but you may not want that because you will introduce distortion if your lens suffers from it at a wide angle. If you don't want Capture One to apply distortion correction by default, you can change that by clicking the ... next to the Lens Correction title on that tool. There is then an option to disable default lens correction. That will only apply to new imports and won't affect images that have already been imported (though you could, of course, turn the correction down to zero on those if you wanted).

I leave Capture One to apply its default correction. It only does it at the wider end of the range on a couple of my zoom lenses. In a few instances I may want to squeeze a few more pixels in at the edge, and don't mind about the distortion, and then I will over-ride it for those images.


Re: New user - border around wide angle images in browser

PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:29 am
by nigelj
Thanks Ian. Very simple and obvious when someone explains it! I'll leave the default correction on as I do want it at the wide end. Now I know the reason I'll stop worrying about it!!

Looking forward to learning Capture One, although I expect it'll take a while, and a few questions on here!