How Do I Relocate a Referenced Catalog?

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How Do I Relocate a Referenced Catalog?

Postby Stephenesque » Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:25 am

I have finally moved from Aperture to Capture One and I'm trying to get my head around how everything works, and I'm trying to be cautious so I don't mess everything up too much. I've been reading this forum, watching David Grover's videos and reading Image Alchemist blogs but I haven't found the answers to this question. At least not one that I've been able to understand.

I currently have two Catalogs on 512gb SSD iMac, one named 2019 for recent imports, and one for my migrated Aperture Library of 90,000 images.

Both of these catalogs are referenced with the files for 2019 on an external Samsung SSD, and the old Aperture files on a 3TB HDD along with my iTunes library. All drives are backed up to HDDS using SuperDuper!

Capture one has generated the previews for these catalogs and, so far, the C1 Aperture Catalog is taking up 84gb, almost twice as much as the original Aperture Libarary, on my hard drive. What I would like to do is free up space on my iMac by moving this catalog onto the same drive as the referenced files, while maintaining the link to the raw files, and keeping my 2019 Catalog on my internal drive. Is it possible to have different catalogs on different drives, and, if so, how exactly do I do it?

And once I have done this, is it safe to trash my original Aperture Library to free up even more space on my iMac?
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Re: How Do I Relocate a Referenced Catalog?

Postby Delwood » Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:09 pm

I am also an Aperture convertee. First thing, fire up aperture and create a backup for each catalog on the the same drive as the images! This means that you can still run Aperture using these external drives and access your catalog and the images that are referenced.

After doing this and confirming that it worked, you can consider removing the Aperture catalogs from your computer. If I were you, I would also acquire a big external hard drive and make a second copy of everything. You really need two copies besides your computer memory.
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