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kudos on Michaela Hartwig plate to perfect picture video

PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2019 6:56 pm
by narration_sd
This is actually excellent.

It's like a short course in how to think when editing with Capture One. It covers many bases of this.

I even learned/was reminded of the way to do a full before/after, alt-Reset[button!] at the end. Not sure I knew that.

And then, there was the cake... I am going to really think a Danish bakery must have done that!

If there's a criticism, it would be only that the video moves very fast. Probably appropriate for keeping attractive to a measure of your audience, and I found the YouTube half or three-quarter speed playback lets you clearly watch a detail.

Oh, and for such an excellent video production, too bad the email was pretty flawed or unfinished this time. Lots of Lorum ipsum scattered around it, buttons and links that didn't work mostly, so it was a challenge to get to see this. Presume you can fix in a hurry so more will enjoy the chance.

Actually, I've gotten a lot out of your experience-of-professionals videos, another fine thing with Capture One.