Fully Automatic C1 question

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Fully Automatic C1 question

Postby NNN635125373263138295 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:41 am


I'm exploring if I should switch to c1.

Im a sports photographer and need quick automatic processing. Photos are imported into photo mechanic for captioning and while im doing that, the photos needs to be processed automatically.

1. Folder watch (amazing in C1)
2. Automatic processing including automatic exposure on individual photos coming in.
3. Saving to same folder and over writing the old one (to change the file in photo mechanic im writing captioning on)

Photoshop has droplets and you can get a plugin or write some code for folder watch. But it doesnt seem like photoshop can do automatic exposure processing on individual photos in a batch.

Can C1 do the above fully automatically? I see recipes but cant see if you can combine recipes into a photoshop action string and I cant see if a recipe can do some automatic exposure on each photo.

Thank you in advance.
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