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Re: RAW files come in in B&W

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:24 pm
by SFA
NNN636364181394546668 wrote:Yes, both the cameras I generally use are Fuji X-Trans III, viz X-T2 and Pro-2.

One of the 'nice' things about converting from colour to B&W yourself is that you can adjust the way [the 6 prime] individual colours are rendered. If the camera or other s/w does it, you lose this control.

Or am I missing something?

PS I don't shoot in whichever B&W mode because this is what I want. Sometimes I want colour -- but I find with a B&W VF I see tonality more accurately.

What you are seeing by default is what was set up in the camera.

With a RAW file you can simply change the curve in Base Characteristics and set a different interpretation.

If you really want to refine the colours I would start with a Linear Response curve which is the nearest you can get (after basic RAW data interpretation to make something that looks like an image) to an unadjusted canvas with no pre-existing 'curves' applied to emulate some other look or style.



Re: RAW files come in in B&W

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:07 pm
by NNN636364181394546668
Thanks Grant