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Re: Unable to add keywords to some images (why)?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:23 pm
by SFA
NNN636832313454871661 wrote:
AndyN wrote:It's so frustrating to select a bunch of images - only to get an alert saying that keywords could not be added to two or three of them (and no explanation).
I'm pretty sure the images in question have a little icon in the bottom right hand corner with what looks like a pencil that's crossed out in red.
That's good, it tells me which images can't have keywords, but why does it happen, and how can I overcome the problem? I've searched the online manual (and here) to no avail. (So frustrating).

pleased to see your issue as I think I have the same problem

Check the version's release notes, in particular the "File support: Notes and limitations" section, as a starting point to identifying some possible reasons for not being able to make the edit you desire.