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Re: printing 101

Postby NNN636617399920320135 » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:40 pm

Hi all.
Printing your own pictures is a challenging task and to achieve this goal needs a lot of knowledge. I have no experience with C1, which possibilities seems to me restricted. No way, as far as I know, for printing presets to save for the next time. But it should work as well as with Photoshop.

Important: There is no other way, you have to calibrate the monitor AND the printer. There are so many combinations between printer - ink - photopaper, that you can't leave the job to the printer (software), nor to C1. Forget standard ICCs. Calibrating YOUR monitor and YOUR printer gives you an individual ICC profile to use for all prints. Afterwards don't change anything and recalibrate every month, at least the monitor. C1 or Photoshop software is the point of departure and not printer software.

Second: Your pictures must have at least 2 MB and a resolution of 300 pixels.

See also my post calibrating workflow with Spyder 5.

Best wishes Thomas.
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Re: printing 101

Postby Richardsonic » Sun Dec 23, 2018 3:12 am

I have a somewhat different take on printing. I bought my first printer approximately 6 months ago (Epson P6000). I knew little about printing and I really did a minimal amount of research. But almost from the very beginning my prints have been spectacular. I use an NEC monitor calibrated with their Spectraview system printing on Epson paper (mostly cold press and hot press bright). I sharpen with NIK output sharpener and then print out of Epson's Print Layout app using Epson's ICC profiles. Maybe an experienced printer would look at my output and be able to nitpick some issues but by and large the color fidelity has been very accurate to my eye. Making big prints of my work has been the most fun I've had in a long time and would encourage anyone to just jump in. Don't be intimidated. It's just not that hard.
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Re: printing 101

Postby NNN636364181394546668 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:52 pm

I'm new to C1 but have been printing for a long time. I have an iMac with [an old] HP 1020 B&W laser and an Epson SC P800, which is what I use for printing my photography. I have been printing via the Epson Print Layout program which is a little primitive but works. To do this I have to export a TIF. I am glad to be able to print directly from C1 where I create my work.

However, the first time I selected 'Print' I only received the HP as an option of printers. Pressing 'Printer' wouldn't show my Epson. I printed from the Epson program so I know it was connect properly.

I disconnected the HP and (after a program and machine restart) I still received only the Epson option. (Now, and I don't know what changed, I only see the Epson.)

I seem to have everything set up correctly now to print. And it did print!

However, 'Color Profile' shows 'Managed by Printer' but a) doesn't tell which profile it is using and b) when I select Other Profile, I do not see the Epson profiles. Also 'Rend. Intent' is greyed out to 'Perceptual' so I can't change it to Advanced B&W or Relative Colorimetric.

Also all the settings in the Print menu have '?' next to them.


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