my best workflow with C1 Pro7

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my best workflow with C1 Pro7

Postby CAPTURE NIKON D700 » Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:53 pm

i finde for me a new workflow wich let me use c1 DB like Aperture with others Plugins Programs :
1. create only one Catalog for all your photos in C1, and import your pictures always their.
2. keep the Pictures inside Catalog.
3. create a album Named " External Edit".
4. create a Folder Named " Out Put " on your drive.
5. chose the Pictures you want to rework in authors program.
6. Import them to Out Put folder, if RAW -- chose TIFF if JPAG -- chose JPAG , you can make for it recipes...
keep the Picture Name at same and add a index Sufix Number 01 to it .
7. open the pictures with your Program .. such like Pixelmator , Nik Collection, Perfekt One ..... and make your changes
8. save the pictures back in the same folder and name " dont change picture Name and format !
9. closed the Program.
10 open C1 and select import, don't import the picture to catalog ! just leave them in Out put folder.
use the album " External Edit" als collection folder.
11. know you will see your reworked pictures in album and in Catalog beside the original .
12. if you are not happy with your Rework or you want to make new changes , just go back to the " Out put " folder select the picture again and do your work
with the external Program after save it bak agin just re write it .
13. know you dont have to import it to C1 agin !
14. just select the Picture in C1 and go to Datei --- > Create preview file new . thats it !
your Picture ist just updated :D
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Re: my best workflow with C1 Pro7

Postby NNN635426557401964090 » Wed Sep 10, 2014 5:47 am

I am new to C1. Can someone from the company let us know what they think about this workflow for editing with an external editor? Thanks!
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