Base characteristics, linear curve

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Base characteristics, linear curve

Postby NN636984403799124557UL » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:17 am


is there a good document (a kind of best practice) about RAW development starting with the linear curve. I think the linear option is a good starting point which needs a few more "post corrections" naturally, but I get more natural colours (with lower contrast).
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Re: Base characteristics, linear curve

Postby SFA » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:33 am

Try this. ... nd-tricks/

Skip the first section and scroll down to just above the section titled "Set the Base" as a starting point for your specific question. From there on it should offer something that gives you a starting point that suits your personal requirements.

I set Linear, do the white balance thing as a starter position, reduce contrast and increase saturation (usually but it depends on the image and I might well review the decision later), look at the HDR settings and then, usually, apply Auto Levels with Levels set to use the separate channels method rather than RGB.

I also tend to apply some Clarity but that is partly because I use older lower resolution cameras and it gives me better idea about how much detail might ultimately be viable as I work through the edit.


Just experiment with the ideas to see what suits you and your subject matter best.

For heavily processed final images with certain types of 'styles' applied going into these methods may not offer very much in the end result.


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