Failed Captures After Installing New Drive

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Failed Captures After Installing New Drive

Postby Allan26 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:42 pm

Hello everyone,

We are using a p-65 back with a Hasselblad 503. C1 V.7.

We installed a new 1tb SSD drive into our tower and seemed to have gotten a lot of failed captures after doing so. I changed FW cables and that seemed to make it better. Of course we still received a few corrupt files but nothing out of the ordinary. Could the new drive be causing the failed captures? The failed captures bring up a warning on the back which forces the photographer to press a button in order to continue shooting. Is there a way to avoid this from happening? Thank you so much for your time.
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Re: Failed Captures After Installing New Drive

Postby Paul_Steunebrink » Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:34 pm

Have you checked your new SSD drive with Disk Utility? Is it an internal drive, or external (you reference a FW cable, but I am not sure it is for the drive or the back)? Do you shoot to new drive, or another drive?
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