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Mac advice

Postby Jonthepom » Wed Nov 05, 2014 5:19 am

Advice please.
I currently have an old Mac Pro (2006) and Eizo CG19 monitor. The Mac Pro was getting a bit old so I now use my 2010 Mac Book Pro with the Eizo. Its still bait slow when editing images. I shoot wine bottles in a studio just with a DSLR. Colours should be correct but the images aren't super colour critical as the clients just don't need or know too much about colour balances. As long as it leaves here all OK then thats fine.
I'm wanting to up grade the Mac and screen. Options please on the new iMac 5K 27" desktop or a Mac Pro + which monitor? Part of me thinks the Mac Pro is just overkill for what I need but are the Mac screens really as bad as people say?
Finally, I use C1 Pro 7 with OS 10.9.4 and have never had any issues / problems. Is this the case with Yosemite and C1 Pro 8?
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Re: Mac advice

Postby s-hanna » Wed Nov 05, 2014 5:32 am

The MacPro is over kill but nice ! The 5K iMac is plenty of power and the graphics card will be good enough for Capture Pro.
Naturally the one in the MacPro will make Capture Pro fly but dollar for dollar the iMac is a good deal.

As far as the screen? I love love Macs but not a fan at ALL of the glossy screens not because of the glare but the "false perception of contrast and color"

Example: when editing on glossy screen one may see an image as too contrasty or bright so you may adjust it to tone it down.

In reality that image may not need the adjustment you just made so you may have dulled it down more than you need to only because the flashy gloss screen made you think it needs it.

Regardless of hardware calibration, for now I strongly urge an anti glare screen like the NEC Spectra Views or similar to it.
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Re: Mac advice

Postby Jonthepom » Mon Nov 10, 2014 2:42 am

Thanks for the replies.

So its reflections that seem to be the cause of the problems. Some people seem to find it a real issue yet others don't. Does anyone know if the iMac 5k screen is any better or worse than the normal iMac screen - I know they changed the glass front around 2013?

Can someone also explain about the calibration. I use a simple Colour Monki on my Eizo and it seems to work fine. Why would the Mac screen not be able to calibrate?

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Re: Mac advice

Postby Eric Nepean » Mon Nov 10, 2014 5:52 pm

For critical work I would go for an external monitor and a good calibrator - I have the NEC P232W + Xrite I1display

I think this is one of the most economical solutions. I like the fact that upgrading the computer is independent of upgrading the monitor.
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