Chromatic Aberration

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Chromatic Aberration

Postby NN635030239601347553UL » Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:18 pm

Hey Guys,
Im shooting with a Sinar P2 4X5 camera with a Schneider 180mm f5.6. The chromatic aberration is doing funky things to the image and I want it turned off. My profile is set to Generic, Purple Fringing and Hide Distorted Areas are turned On. Next Capture Adjustments are set to Copy From Last. Now when I take my next image Chromatic Aberration turns back on again. My next thought was to change my Next Capture Adjustments to Copy Last using Clipboard and turn off Chromatic Aberration there. Still the next shot comes in with Chromatic Aberration on. Is there a way to turn it off permanently?
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