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Re: Now version 8 is out

Postby SFA » Sun Oct 19, 2014 4:23 pm

Keith Reeder wrote:
SFA wrote:
I've got a viable workaround though, in that it runs perfectly and reliably when I fire it up in an alternative User Account, so I'm not stressing over it

Ah, I seem to recall you have mentioned that before and I had forgotten.


It would seem to point to something that is localised per user ... but perhaps it's just not that obvious.

Often such problems tend to have a simple explanation - sometime just too obvious to be considered.

On the other hand I have heard of an example where one machine on a business network stopped working reliably when 4 other identically prepared machines in the same office were fine. That one turned out to have been caused by selecting a different default printer for the PC when it was used for some other completely unrelated task.

The application that failed was checking for its default printer when invoked (or at some point in the process in order to pre-prepare page formatting in case it was required later) and for some reason found it did not like the default printer or driver or something.

It was very obscure since the point of failure seemed to be far removed from the cause and the cause, in a well controlled business office environment with standard types of devices installed, was entirely unexpected.

Hopefully you will stumble across something at some point that will add to everyone's experience.

Good luck.

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