Why red ruler in color balance hue

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Why red ruler in color balance hue

Postby spassig » Sun Jul 06, 2014 6:46 pm


I use Capture One 7.2.2 with Mac OS X 10.9.3.
All rulers to adjust in tools are without a color.
The two ruler in color balance - hue and saturation - are red color.
When I have a BW the color is yellow.




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Re: Why red ruler in color balance hue

Postby Ian3 » Wed Aug 20, 2014 5:48 pm

The colour varies according to where you are positioned around the circle. When the hue is set at 0 degrees, the slider scale is red. (Actually, looking closely at it I think it is more purplish at the left end and redder at the right end.) But try dragging the dot from the middle to the edge and round the perimeter of the circle counter clockwise and you'll see the colour of the scale changing through all the colours of the spectrum - red, orange, yellow, green, etc all the way round then back to red again when you've got back to the start. Use the reset button to get back to 0 degrees and the middle then try dragging the saturation slider to the right and the colours in your image get redder. On the other hand if you set the hue to 180 degrees the hue slider scale is greener on the left and bluer on the right. Dragging the saturation slider to the right, you'll see the colours in your image get bluer and the dot move towards the perimeter of the circle. Or drag the dot around and watch what happens to the sliders. Also note the presets you can choose in this tool from the drop down menu, such as Cool Look + 2, or Warm Look + 3, and note the difference it makes to your image and to the position of the sliders.
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