Shooting tethered with a Pentax 645D

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Shooting tethered with a Pentax 645D

Postby Nicolas » Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:13 pm

just FYI, today I tried the Pentax software to shoot tethered…
After having updated the camera firmware to 1.20, installed on the Mac (under Lion OS) the "Pentax image Transmitter" and set a hot folder in C1, I've been able to shoot tethered tests at first shot : )
Time lag between pressing the shutter and image to appear in C1 is 15s.
I can't compare to other system(s) but it seems quite acceptable speed.
Please note that no settings can be done from the computer, the only thing you can set is :
"Focus and release" or "release only". You can also save or not to the SD card in the same time.
Of course the in camera setting was to shoot DNG and not PEF.

BTY I have send a request to Pentax marketing dept. to give what needed to Phase so PEF files from the 645D can be supported by C1. If you're in the same case, it will help a lot if you send your own request to Pentax marketing guys (wherever).
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