Rolling back to v6 and keeping v7 adjustments

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Rolling back to v6 and keeping v7 adjustments

Postby Coach » Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:18 pm

Well, this is interesting. v7 is working fine (enough, so far) for me but I was curious at what it might take to transfer the v7 settings back to v6. I figured for sure I would have to copy the .cos files from Settings70 to Settings50. But then I figured a text editor would be needed to edit out the v7 qualifiers and perhaps extra settings. It sounded too tedious for a large number of images.

So I did a little test and copied the .cos over. v6 opened it and, SURPRISE!, it worked. No manual edits to the .cos file needed. I only used basic adjustments while in v7, but it looked like everything (WB, exp, high dynamic range, level, crop, rotation, noise...) was read into v6 just fine. The processed image looked normal also.

I tried it with about 75 images, and all worked fine. The only thing I noticed was that the image thumbnail had a small icon that looked like an exclamation mark inside a white circle.

It was only a simple test, and it didn't include any new features, but it may be a work around for those of you needing to roll back. BTW, I did this using the Windows version.
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Re: Rolling back to v6 and keeping v7 adjustments

Postby NN148425UL2 » Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:32 pm

What I did was to rename the new V7 directory (Settings70) to the old V6 directory style (Settings50) and voila V6 opened all my V7 files and also kept the mods.I was then able to process them in a batch as opposed to one at a time. A great work around for work that has to go out ... but I am so looking forward to the next V7 as I find the new features just awesome.

My 2 cents worth .... have a great day all

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