Starting out with Catalog

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Starting out with Catalog

Postby NNN634520504391731435 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:18 pm

I have not used V 7 yet as I am confused as to a starting point on cataloging. I thought I would mention my current workflow and get suggestions from you guys as to a better way.

1) I shoot tethered with Capture 1 on the laptop if in the studio. This is for my Leaf Aptus 75S back on my Rollei X-Act2 view camera.
2) I then copy the session over to my workstation to process, or create a new session and import to the big computer from the Leaf back if I am shooting in the field to my CF card.
3) If shooting my Canon, it has bypassed C1, going to Lightroom, then PS.
4) After processing in C1 (from the Leaf), I would then export tiffs and then go to stitching, for my big files. They would then go to PS and then the final images would be imported into Lightroom for cataloging.
5) I archive to portable drives and to another computer and need to have local working directories for my big stitching projects.

The question is, where do I start with C1 7? I simply don't know where to start with cataloging and then I know that orphans will pop up.

Using it in session mode like version 6 doesn't seem to be practical either, so I am at a loss.

Thank you so much for your time.
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