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P1 files - there's a lot of 'em!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:11 pm
by NFG
I realize this has been brought up before but I'm having trouble working out exactly how C1 handles the files created when a photo is edited. I'm used to programs that put these files in the same folder as the original image, making management and backup a snap - it doesn't matter how I back up or manipulate my photo structure, when I load up Lightroom or AfterShot everything just works.

I don't want to get too invested into C1 only to find my setup has created problems for me next time I move all my photos from the working drive to the archive drive, or have to restore a backup.

First up: is there a way to put the files with the photos?

The best I've been able to do is tell it where to put the files, but that either changes for every single editing session (which is too annoying to be considered) or they go in one place, like the root of my work drive for example. But if a photo currently in /camera/october/event/ is later moved to /archive/october/event/, how will C1 know which config file to load, preserving my edits?

Currently I've got three different C1 config directories, two created by the program (Capture One and CaptureOne), and one named after my session. I think. Inside each is a baffling array of subdirectories, some of which I can guess at (comask = masks) and some of which I cannot.

There's nothing in the documentation about it, and what I've found on the forum is sort of scattershot, answering specific questions but not giving an overview with enough detail for me to make an informed decision.

Does such info exist? Can anyone point me towards it?