updating keywords speed variants missing features

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updating keywords speed variants missing features

Postby g.2 » Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:24 pm

edited several times

lots of crashes after updating from c1 6.4
tried to solve it by deinstalling the uptated c1 and installing c1 7.0 - no effect
7.0 crashes again and again on an old macbookpro (intel core 2 duo, 4gb ram) and on a mac pro (6core, mid2010, 12gb ram)

there might be other things to add but this is my first impression of 7.0 (if it doesn´t crash )

nice new engine, good hdr, improved sorting possibilities, ...
!!! 6.4.4. sessions are not imported correctly
e.g. the keywords can´t be found, variants are not shown in "albums"

!!! speed
i´ve got some sessions with nearly 3000 pics
it takes hours to open 7.0 every single time - it is much much faster in 6.4

!!! variants
f2 and f3 are working as shortcuts in "favorits" but variants are not shown in sessinonalbums,

still missing features:
manual influence how the automatic is clipping the lights and the shadows
shorter way to open the adjustment window for auxiliary lines and grid
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