Canon Lens Corrections = fun so far!

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Canon Lens Corrections = fun so far!

Postby gregger » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:12 pm

I just wanted to say a big "thank you" for including these.

I have re-processed some files that I used to try fixing with the Keystone tool.
The new Lens Correction profiles just work way better and produce more pleasing results than I could.

So, I like 'em. I've not gotten to exercise them on every situation possible yet, but they've actually fixed some images that were bugging me!

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Re: Canon Lens Corrections = fun so far!

Postby HKGuns » Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:37 pm

Are you also seeing any differences in the image processing engine?
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Re: Canon Lens Corrections = fun so far!

Postby gregger » Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:22 am

Yes, it's definitely different.

To compare, I use an existing CO6 session, then:
    Select the image
    Press F8 (create variant with the same settings)
    De-select one of the variants I have
    Click "Upgrade Engine" on that variant
    Adjust the image
    Re-select the other variant that uses Capture One 6
And see what's different visually

I use different settings now and am figuring out what to do with the Clarity tool settings (like using negative settings on "Structure" to see what it looks like).

The new processing engine knows the difference between highlight and shadows far more than CO 6 (from what I can see). So the Dynamic Range sliders appear to be far more specific to the light and dark areas of the photos, whereas CO 6 sometimes appeared to adjust the photo "more generally".

I think the default image sharpening settings may need to be adjusted for some subjects. I have yet to look into that.
I can't tell if the blue sky in some landscape shots is getting "halo" around the pixels in my image, or if I'm imagining that from the previous version.

Edge detail gets a lot of attention (like clouds vs. sky), and I think the Clarity tool needs some experimentation to see how it works for people vs. landscapes.

I know there are also different noise reduction enhancements now, but I haven't tried anything "red" (like red fabric and patterns). That's generally where I get into trouble. Often I found that red textures made CO6 reduce the texture as "noise" when my ISO was high.

I'm shooting Canon 5D mk II RAW files. So my experience may not be everyone else's.

But the lens corrections have helped remove and adjust vignettes and light falloff.
Not sure about sharpness yet.
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