New SDK, upgrade?

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New SDK, upgrade?

Postby gbal30 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:05 pm

Hi PhaseOne,

I bought C1 less than 2 months ago to primarily be used to tether and edit from a 5d mk iii (which was listed as supported) under mountain lion (also supported). Because of the issues with updates and the SDK I have barely had any use out of C1, never being able to shoot the 5d3 tethered. Now there is a workaround but this isn't really satisfactory, although I appreciate that Canon/Apple may be to blame. We need a proper update.

Now you bring out C7 and I should pay $99 to solve these problems properly? I don't think this is really acceptable. Perhaps you can consider offering recent purchasers of C1 6 a free upgrade to C1 7 given the recent problems that have annoyed so many of us?

Your rules state that sales issues should not go in this forum, if you consider this a sales issue, please also consider that when I clicked the link for the more appropriate contact in the rules post I get a 404...

Slightly miffed to say the least.
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Re: New SDK, upgrade?

Postby Drew » Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:09 pm

Please see the link below;

If you feel as though you would like a refund or should receive a free upgrade please contact the link below; ... A5F417740&

We would love to offer you a new SDK but unfortunately one is simply not available. I understand the workaround is less than ideal but it is currently the only absolute solution and although cumbersome to implement it does work well and now supports the Live View of camera.
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