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Need help?

Postby NNN636843514238985621 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:39 am

I'm using "Collections" to manage my images within C1. I have the following conundrum which I can't seem to resolve. This is my workflow and ensuing problem...

1. Under "User Collections" I create an Album (date_jobname); within a Project (client_name); within a Folder (genre, e.g. FASHION); within my C1 Catalog.
2. Import images directly from camera card into the Album (date_jobname). Image originals are copied into a Work-In-Progess hard-drive on my computer within a Folder (date_clientname). This folder (date_clientname) is where I'll output my finished images to, from C1.
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Re: Need help?

Postby Eric Nepean » Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:36 pm

The real answer is don't do much organisation of originals in folders on your hard drive. It's duplicated and wasted effort.

I store all my originals by year and camera on the hard drive.
Once the image is imported and has a folder location on the hard drive, I rarely touch that file again. My backup system backs it up in case of an issue.

The real organisation is done in C1.

I have projects for work in progress, and projects by genre, and projects by event.

The images are are imported into Project "Incoming" from there, they are copied as needed into other projects.

It's quite OK (and in fact useful) to have an image in 2, 3 or however many albums and projects at once. All the image's variants show up in each collection where the image is present. If you change the adjustments, then the changed adjustments show up in every C1 collection where the image is present.

Then on the hard drive, I have a folder for C1 exports. This is where processed C1 images go.
Cheers, Eric
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