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Credo 40 manual

PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:27 pm
by Tazdog
Just purchased the Credo 40 back. Trying to find manual, the link on MamiyaLeaf is not working. Can some help please

Re: Credo 40 manual

PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:46 pm
by Sa'd Tilghman
Congrats on the purchase, I had the Credo 40 before I upgraded to the IQ180. Excellent back, with exceptional color, enjoy.

This is what I found after digging around, as you are right, the links are broken on the MamiyaLeaf website. I included the full guide, quick guide and the neat brochure they made. Hope this helps. ... e_1.14.pdf ... .12_LR.pdf ... 7_2014.pdf