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Credo 40 not working

PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:36 pm
by Bruce Rohr
Hello All,

My Leaf Credo 40 after working very well for two years, stopped working. The camera is a DF645. The firmware on the DF is 159 and the Credo firmware is 4.01.2. I don't think it is the camera as I put on my 40 Leaf Aptus 2 with the DF645 and that combination works fine. The back will turn on and shows a screen, but it won't tether or shoot with out the tethering. Also the DF shows an error code 5 E or 5E and db only when the Credo is attached.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Bruce Rohr

Re: Credo 40 not working

PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:41 pm
by Ulf
Contact the partner from whom you purchased the back.
They might have a spare DF or XF to test the back on.
It sounds a bit strange but there is some difference in communication between Aptus and Credo but not major hence it sounds more like a back issue then a body issue.
You can upgrade the firmware in the back to 4.02
This firmware enables the use of XF body but also some small fixes so it could be worth while to do.

Re: Credo 40 not working

PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:09 pm
by Bruce Rohr

Thanks for your reply. I started a case with Phase One and they recommended I contact Pro Gear in Chicago. I sent the DF and the Credo back to them and they got the camera and back working again. They suspect that it may have been a bad cable on my side. They also recommended that I try the USB 3 cable rather than the firewire. The camera and back are on their way back to my studio. I will test it out and see if it will work as it did for them. Interestingly and perhaps a low probability is that I recently had the cement floor of my studio painted with a very thick epoxy finish. The floor looks great but I noticed that when I would touch the camera or the camera stand that I would get a small static electricity spark, which would set off my strobe lights via the Pocket Wizard radio syncs. One of my Speedotron power packs needed repair and when I took it to Speedotron the engineer at the company he said the static electricity may be due to the cement floor being now insulated with epoxy, and does not have a good ground and I should check to see that all the equipment has a good grounding wire. Most likely a low possibility and yet right before the back and camera stopped working we had significant problem with one of the strobe packs shorting out, and so I thought that might have been a factor. Of course causation and correlation are often unrelated. I will report back when I test the system.