Credo 40 Back Capturing Only Black and Colored Lines

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Credo 40 Back Capturing Only Black and Colored Lines

Postby NNN634285674040073800 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:36 pm

I'm wrapping up a four day product shoot, three products to go (about three hours into the shoot today) and my Credo 40 back suddenly captured with the middle half of the frame solid black, then next frame entirely black. I did my usual troubleshooting: power down, remove batteries from back, body, unhook tether cords, remove back from body, restart Capture One, etc. After reattaching everything and powering on, I was able to make four more captures before it started with the middle 50% of the frame being black, then over the next four or five captures got worse until whole frame is completely black. Occasionally when I test it now there are some pink horizontal lines, or else completely black. Everything seems to be functioning normally, it is just not capturing properly.

Has anyone experienced this and is there anything I can do? Thanks!
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