credo50, c1 8.3 and tethered live view

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credo50, c1 8.3 and tethered live view

Postby NN149307UL » Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:21 pm

a short time ago i changed my credo 40 to a credo 50 by trade-in. the live view is perfect! :-))

BUT-1: i cannot get a live view/tethered picture with fire wire, the message is: "live view is not supported with this camera". with usb, live view is good but only up to 8 metres, with fire wire it was 10 m and more.

BUT-II: in live view in tethered mode, i cannot do a white/grey balance, the picture is often yellowish. the shot is good but the live view is incorrect.

as all this was great in cp8 pro with my credo 40 i think it is just a matter of a firmware update of my db, the present firmware is 1.01 ?
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Re: credo50, c1 8.3 and tethered live view

Postby Ulf » Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:37 pm


1. Live preview is only supported over USB.
You can use Optical USB cable. This is available up to 30 meters!

2. Credo 50 have automatic grey balance which the 40 does not.
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