Comparison of MP and C1 keywording

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Comparison of MP and C1 keywording

Postby Ian3 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:00 pm

Two respects in which I have noticed that keywording in Capture One that seem to be superior to Media Pro.

(1) In Capture One, if I create a hierarchical keyword such as goose > greylag goose, Capture One automatically puts greylag goose into the correct alphabetical order amongst the other geese, which annoyingly MP would not do - you had to drag them into order by hand.

(2) If you create a keyword library in Capture One, the same keywords are available to you in any catalog or session. Whereas in Media Pro, they seem to be specific to the catalog in question. So in Capture One, if you reorganise keywords (perhaps making greylag goose a child of goose, rather than a standalone keyword) that change carries across to all catalogs and sessions, but in MP you can change it in one catalog, only to find that when you open another one it is back the way it was.

I know some have found some frustrations with C1 keywording, as I have too, but this is just a comment that it has some advantages too.

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