USB powering issues

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USB powering issues

Postby mkphotomedia » Thu Feb 11, 2021 11:33 pm

I recently moved my IQ4150 to FU8 (I'm on a Cambo WRS), and am running intothe infamous "won't charge off USBC if USBC is also tethered, irrespective of the USB Power setting, and doesn't pull enough to get the job done if a power bank is hanging off the back" issue that Brad @ CI reports here:

Which brings me to:

1. Am I likely to run into issues if I downgrade from FU8 back to 5.01.1beta--or should I go to the original firmware and then upgrade from there?

2. Is this going to be fixed in an upcoming (i.e. next 3 months or so, as opposed to the next year) firmware release? As a heavy user of live view on a tech cam, having to actually deal with individual batteries again on location is annoying (especially when I had a perfectly good setup for going from a power bank to a MBP, and then from the MBP to the Phase, that would last happily for an all-day shoot when running off a 100W 20A power bank).
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Re: USB powering issues

Postby Ulf » Fri Feb 12, 2021 8:22 am


Please contact support.
We have solutions for this.
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