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IQ4150 USBC power

PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 2:58 am
by mkphotomedia
Just upgraded to the newest 6.01.1 firmware on my IQ4150, and noticed that my back will no longer power/charge itself via the USB-C port. Plugged it into my MacBook Pro power supply using the Phase-supplied usbc-usbc cable, and when I go into Power Management, the screen claims it's not getting any power off USB.

Now, this happens to be the Right Thing To Do, arguably, if one is tethering to a MacBook Pro (otherwise your battery in the MBP will die a quick and painful death; I've been using the USBC-USBA cable and a dongle to pointedly avoid this in most cases), but being able to charge in the field off USB-C is occasionally useful. Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing, or has this functionality been officially disabled? Or, is my back doing something weird?