My Experience with the Phase One XF 100

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My Experience with the Phase One XF 100

Postby NNN637061178756852378 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:09 am

I had the fortunate experience of doing a half-day shoot with the Phase One XF 100 camera. I never used another digital medium format camera. My main camera is a Fuji APSC camera. And it's not everyday that I get to use a $40k medium-format camera, so I figure I write my thoughts.

I was doing a beauty shoot. So the lens I used was the 150mm AF f/2.8 IF.I was in a studio setting, so I didn't get to experience the magical "medium format bokeh." I was shooting at around F/20 so depth of field wasn't too big of a problem.

The Phase has 1 focus point in the middle. I was prepared for bad AF from all the stories I heard. It wasn't bad actually. The Phase emits a focus-assist light every time it tries to acquire focus. Maybe that helped? Because I had such a deep depth of field, focus recomposing was no problem. I also heard that the AF was improved from the old Phase cameras.

I couldn't rattle off shots like I could with my Fuji X-T2. In fact, since the RAW files were around 100 megs each, I could probably shoot about 1 shot a second. Even then, after like 10 shots, I had to stop for the buffer to clear.
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