IQ180 noise issue

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IQ180 noise issue

Postby Bart Pajak » Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:44 am


So I recently purchased a refurbished iQ180 back for my Hasselblad v-series and Mamiya RZproii fit cameras from Phaseone,

The back was a great find and had done as little as 3000 images.
I don't generally take a lot of shots while I'm shooting as I treat it like using film, as I still shoot on film.
Most of the time I have remembered to switch the IQ settings back from Mamiyas Zero Latency to Normal.
On occasion, I must admit I have missed this when switching between bodies.

After the 3-4 shoots, set to 125th f5.6 I started to notice a layer of black digital grain.
Or what I thought was digital grain.

I went through many checks and tests and was informed that the problem was my Hasselblad body ejecting dust into the sensor from the bodies old interior palpus.

I had the body relined with felt after much expense, but for argument sake, I sent the iQ80 back to Denmark to be serviced anyway.
They recalibrated the back and changed the IR filter.
As there were some minor specs of dirt that couldn't be removed.
I was informed that the issue should be solved.

After receiving my IQ180 back from Phaseone, I was on a shoot.
Switching between my Mamiya and Hasselblad bodies, not more than 10 photos in. I started to see the same dotty grain issue occur.
The body is dust free as is the IQ back.

After seeking some advice again, I was informed that the IQ180 back was overheating and causing the sensor issues and that it might be down to me forgetting to switch the back from Zero Latency.

I don't see how this can occur after taking 10-15 photos.
I've barely had the back on for half an hour before it hests up.

I wonder if anyone else has ever come across this digital pixel issue before?

Preview from a RAW file at 200%
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