Thinking of buying an IQ160 + XF Body (questions)

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Thinking of buying an IQ160 + XF Body (questions)

Postby NNN636797815426877791 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:31 pm

About my requirement profile:

Mostly handheld available light portrait photography. Rather continuous light than flash. To me, sharpness is less important than smoothness of tonality, color science, quality of bokeh and so on.

1. What features are not(!) available when using an IQ160 back on an XF body apart from battery sharing? And vice versa, what will be improved by using an XF body rather than an old DF+ body?

2. Regarding battery sharing. Does it mean I have to use 2 batteries (of the same type?) when working with an IQ160 back? how long do they typically last (indoors) when not using LiveView? More than 4 hours?

3. Where do I find all(!) firmware changelogs? I would like to know if anything that was noted in the initial reviews has already been fixed or other changes, like UI and so on.

4. Are there any sample .RAW files?

5. Is this combo weather sealed? Not sure yet if I buy a blue ring lens version.

6. When using aperture priority and auto-ISO - will the XF body go up to 3200 (Sensor+) if I want it to? Or to put it differently, can I specify the ISO range including Sensor+ and min./max. shutter speed?

7. Is it possible to take smaller files (15MP instead of 60MP) at base ISO as well?

8. Are there any other advantages or disadvantages that I might have overlooked so far?

Thanks in advance for any helpful feedback. Have a great day!
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Re: Thinking of buying an IQ160 + XF Body (questions)

Postby Paul_Steunebrink » Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:23 pm

A1. The XF is a current product that continues to evolve with better and fast autofocus compared to the DF+. The DF series are end-of-life, that is no further product developments.

A2. Yes, same batteries for both body and back. Same type battery.

A6. I doubt you will use ISO 3200 at Sensor+

A7. With Sensor+ you have a different base ISO then without.

A8. The IQ160 takes great images. The IQ260 adds WiFi for Capture Pilot and long exposure. The IQ3 series add better integration with the XF like battery sharing and extended data bus. Note that all these models have a CCD sensor, in contrast to an CMOS sensor in the 50 and 100 MP models. The CMOS sensors have better low light (high ISO) and live view capabilities.
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