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Mamiya RZ67ProIID service (IQ160)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:34 pm
by NNN636463445634415489
(Note: IQ160 is M-mount with appropriate M adaptor plate)

I have a small problem with functionality that seems to be attributed to the camera.
Ever so often (too often for my liking) orange light is visible in viewfinder and there is a beeping sound with no shutter trigger. From what I understand in the manual it is indication of cocking lever has not been turned fully. The lever seems to be operating fine without back attached.

Additionally, ever so often lever refuses to be cocked and is stuck solid. I couldn't find any information on this, but it seems to be due to battery running out of power. Though even when batteries are replaced (I use 4x 1.4 CR44 as the silver halide one is far too expensive) the issue manifests on occasion. The only way to clear it is to set ring at the trigger base to red and switch of digital back, test and then repeat....

With the issues in mind, I was hoping to find a service centre in Japan that could service the RZ67 itself, since I don't believe there is an issue with the IQ160. I also have examined mounting plate and have not found any mechanical damage or abnormalities.

Could you possibly advise?

PS Could the issue possibly be attributed to a slower CF? Seems that the issue began around me reverting to Sandisk Extreme (60Mb/s) - back takes much longer to read it on each startup.

Re: Mamiya RZ67ProIID service (IQ160)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:09 pm
by ben_
It's likely not caused by a slower CF, but more likely a mechanical failure.
Though you haven't mentioned where you're located, if you are within the US you should get in touch with Precision Camera Works (, as they're a reputable repair center that can take a look at your RZ body

Re: Mamiya RZ67ProIID service (IQ160)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:05 am
by NNN636463445634415489

Thank you very much for your reply.
To answer your question, I am based in Japan. There are few camera service outlets here, though I was hoping Mamiya had an official shop/service centre.

I just removed back and mounting plate and tested the body itself - white switch position (electrical mode) does not fire and gives a warning beep. Orange (mechanical) is working fine.
It sounds like you are spot on - there is likely a mechanical issue with the body itself.

Well, since Mamiya no longer provides service for the equipment, I guess I have no other option rather than finding a 3rd party centre.


Re: Mamiya RZ67ProIID service (IQ160)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:02 pm
by ben_
No problem. This could be an issue of the battery solution you're trying not being as well connected as the RZ would like. Seeing as it'll fire at 1/400" in mechanical/emergency/"yellow dot" mode, it may be worth trying the 4LR44 battery instead of the four button-cells you're currently using. I'm not sure of the availability, but at least in the US the 4LR44 cell is going to be considerably cheaper than an electronics overhaul for an RZ.

Just my two cents as a RB/RZ fan

Re: Mamiya RZ67ProIID service (IQ160)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:17 am
by NNN636463445634415489

You are most likely right - the 4 cell solution is a bit of ad-hoc, given that 4xLR44 are smaller in size and are likely to lose electric contacts.
Unfortunately, the silver halide 5.6v are hard to come across in Japan even - I found them in only few select shops after running around entire Tokyo and they are rather expensive at around $25. I was thinking that perhaps there is a rechargeable alternative, however it doesn't seem to be.

The reason I chose the 4xLR44 is that only way to do long exposure shots with RZ67 is to use bulb mode through shutter controlling mirror. The emergency mode + lens T with sync and wake-up cable gives "signal too short. at least 1 second is required" or "at least 4 seconds is required" error message. And the mirror lock up eats battery extremely fast.

Another thing that worries me a little is that winder locks up entirely and won't barge on occasion.
Once I found it to be related to CF being full.

I will try to pick up the proper silver halide battery and test. However, I might probably abstain from taking long exposure shots if it turns out to be a culprit.

<- Love the RZ myself, so it's a little gutting...

PS Alternative could be create a cartridge with springs that would be used as LR44 loader.

Re: Mamiya RZ67ProIID service (IQ160)

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:50 pm
by NNN636463445634415489

I have just confirmed that it was a CF related issue.
The CF I was using (32Gb) took nearly a minute to format in the back.

I got hold of alcaline 4LR44 6V, however even with the new battery inserted, the camera seemed to have lost contact with back after about 3-4 shots, which required several power downs/ups to bring up the connection.
After I have changed the card it did not experience any issues.

In addition, there is no longer any problem with the winder (that is possibly attributed to battery).
Manual for RZ67 states, that the winder sprockets at the back are related to M mode protection...and I assume if camera (that has to be in M mode) loses contact with the back the winder will be blocked.

Btw, Happy New 2018 to you and everyone at PhaseONE.

Best Regards

Re: Mamiya RZ67ProIID service (IQ160)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:31 pm
by NNN636452453518237846

I have exactly the same problem with my IQ140.

I got lost how you solved the problem ?? You say that CF card too large to mount on the back and thus the camera and back lost connections ? I use 64g card. You mean that I should switch back to a smaller one so the back mount fast enough to establish connection with the camera ? I used a P30+ before and had no such issue but I had small CF card.

Btw if you are in Tokyo, do you know if they are some good second-hand Mamiya shops in Akihabara ?

Thanks for help !!

Kind regards

Re: Mamiya RZ67ProIID service (IQ160)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:24 am
by NNN636463445634415489
Alas! The issue actually does not persist if I use the faster CF card.
It's rather strange since I used the original slower card successfully for quite a few months after purchase.
I tried low level format, but it didn't do the trick sadly.

Perhaps getting a faster card would work for you (though I am not sure of the kind you are using).

As for Tokyo, stay away from Akihabara when you look for 2nd hand gear - it's madly overprised and more or less a scam.
Your best bet is Fujiya Camera in Nakano (very reasonable. Medium and large format is on the 2nd floor of the main shop) and MapCamera in Shinjuku. There are few more shops in Shinjuku, but I fear they might have been closed now.

Best of luck.

PS What camera are you using? Do you use the wake-up/trigger cable on occasion? It still doesn't work for me and my battery in RZ is constantly drained from Bulb mode.