Files not sent from iq3 100 to C1 after live view

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Files not sent from iq3 100 to C1 after live view

Postby NNN636359122659259642 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:24 pm


I've been experiencing a very annoying problem the last months. I shoot with the IQ3 100 on an XF body, both purchased in 2016, and with all the latest firmware installed.
I mostly shoot artworks, with my macbook tethered to the digital back. The camera is often very high on a tripod so I use the live view in C1 a lot.

This is the problem: I use live view in C1, and I zoom in on an area, and then I turn the focusing ring of the lens and focus precisely. Afterwards I close the live view window and I press cmd-K to shoot the picture. In about 40% of the times the camera makes the picture but does not send it to the computer. A red light burns on the back, and on the XF body a red DB sign is flickering. I then always have to restart the DB, which is very annoying because it is often hard to reach high on a tripod.
I tried several situations, as long as I don't zoom in in the live view, it's ok. The problems start when I zoom in.

I told my dealer here in Belgium and they said I had to update the firmware. I did but the problems persist. I tried this on three different macs, and it always happens, so there's nothing wrong with the computer.

Has anyone encountered this problem?


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