IQ3 80MP back disconnects when entering live view

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IQ3 80MP back disconnects when entering live view

Postby NN635376063883562293UL » Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:29 pm

Hey Everyone,

I have an intermittent problem with my IQ3 80MP back. What happens is sometimes I'll be able to enter live view and other times I get an "An error (unspecified error.) occurred during setup. Please disconnect and reconnect your camera" The camera will then reconnect on its own and sometimes can enter live view no problem and other times it will give the same error repeatedly. Has anyone ever encountered/solved this problem?

I've tried multiple cables, different CO versions, different repeaters, OWC dock, direct firewire 800 into my 2011 laptop, and our 4x5 camera setup. The problem occurred across all platforms, leading me to believe it is something with the digital back.

A little bit about our setup:

IQ3 80MP XF camera running firmware 3.03.14
Power Management: Charging off
Mac Pro running El Capitan. Thunderbolt plugged into bus that doesn't share with LCD display

Any insight is appreciated.

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