IQ180 disconnects to MBP

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IQ180 disconnects to MBP

Postby Tilman » Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:15 pm

When I shoot my IQ180 thetherd with FW800 and a Thunderbolt/FW Adapter to CaptureOne 9.3 on my MBP15" 2,5Ghz i7 OS X 10.12.1 the Back disconnects itself for some seconds (indicatorlight on the back is "red"). After some seconds the back shows up again on the CaptureOne Screen and the picture ist transmitted. I have tried two different Thunderbolt/FW800 Adapters.
This does not happen, when I´m working with the USB3 cable.
(Camerabody is DF645+)
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Re: IQ180 disconnects to MBP

Postby ben_US » Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:33 pm

This is likely due to the Apple FW800/Thunderbolt adapter connection not providing the same power throughput as a "true" FW800 connection. As Thunderbolt is specced for much lower power and that adapter doesn't introduce any extra power into the line, the connection can be flaky and unreliable. We recommend using a powered dock or powered FW800 repeater to augment the signal to stable levels. USB3 does not have this issue since it's not being translated to a Thunderbolt connection
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