P21+ Versus IQ140

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P21+ Versus IQ140

Postby NN635738678114122405UL » Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:14 pm

I have both a P21+ and an IQ150 that I use with a 645DF and a number of lenses. I'm thinking of trading the P21+ in on an IQ140 while the P21+ still has any trade in value so that both of my backs can be used with the XF body. However, (a) there is some old documentation about getting richer colors from the 9 micron pixels in the P21+ versus the 6 micron pixels in the IQ140, greater overall resolution notwithstanding, and (b) I'm not really planning to upgrade to the XF body until I can afford the IQ3100 back. Having said that, I wouldn't mind having the waist-level finder of the XF body now and it's always possible that, between an IQ140 and an IQ150, I would have more "buying power" towards an IQ3100 when the time comes than with my P21+ and IQ150. I will admit that I am disappointed that I paid nearly the full $28K for the IQ150 only to have it drop to $14K less than six months later, although it is an amazing back. I am not displeased with what I have now, just thinking about the future. All comments and/or questions are welcome. Thank you.
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