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Hasselblad to PhaseOne platform change question

PostPosted: Wed May 06, 2015 8:57 am
by NNN634573590026730609

My first post here. I'm thinking of purchasing PhaseOne IQ250 (moving from Hasselblad H4D-50) but after reading stories about PhaseOne constant customer issues with their system (both body/back and C1 software crashes) + my friend having his IQ280 shutter frozen/locked twice within a last few months and keep sending it back for repair, I'm not sure if this move is right for me? I never had a single issue with my Hasselblad for last three years (for both location or studio shoots).

I like the LCD quality and Wifi capabilities on PhaseOne backs but not sure if it worth the challenge, Any advice?

I have been lucky to chat with Capture Integration's awesome sales team, but love to hear directly from the users as well before finalizing my decision.

If PhaseOne's body is very faulty, any recommendation on using the IQ250 back on Hasselblad H5X body?

Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback.

Re: Hasselblad to PhaseOne platform change question

PostPosted: Thu May 07, 2015 7:01 pm
by NNN634573590026730609
Anyone interested to share their feedback?

I'll highly appreciate your insights since this is a major investment for me and I would like to pick the right platform.

Re: Hasselblad to PhaseOne platform change question

PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2015 12:52 pm
by PhaseoneUser55657
A little note, I moved from the phase-one stuff over to hasselblad. (About 4 years ago). Now, while I like a lot of things about the Phase-One MF camera system, (i.e. shifting between Leafshutter and focal plane shutter), It just always felt like I was using a camera just hobbled together. You had the body, that seemed like it was from 1902, in that the custom function setups where just "Custom Function 2", and you needed something to lookup what it was. Any upgrades to the body firmware required you to send it in, it was not a do it yourself, even now with the DF+ body, you need the vertical grip if you want to do any updates. At the time they did not have any rechargeable batteries for the body, (unless you want to count AA rechargeable), I see they do now have them, but then you can use a rechargeable battery in the grip and back to AA batteries in the body. Then it is just having separate batteries for the body and back that need to be managed, which is nice if you are going to use the back on a view camera, you don't need a special battery plate like on the hasselblads.

My opinion would to go one way or the other, either all Hasselblad or PhaseOne.

If you want to stay with the Hasselblad, look into the H5D-50c/wi version, it has WiFi and most of the things of the IQ250 has. Any you don't have to worry about finger pointing if you have issues.

If you want to move over to PhaseOne, then go all the way, DF+ body and IQ250 back.

Best advice, as you are going to drop a bundle on this stuff is talk to a Sales rep and even see if they will let you try out the system. Either way you are dropping 25k+ on the packages, and that is before you even look at some PhaseOne lenses, if you don't have some already.


Re: Hasselblad to PhaseOne platform change question

PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2015 5:44 pm
by NNN634573590026730609
Thanks a lot Robert for your feedback. Interesting and valuable perspective to get things all from the same brand/platform rather than mixing and matching.

Of course upgrading to new Hasselblad wifi/CMOS back and H5 body cost me about $10k less compared to PhaseOne path.

The only down side I have using my Hasselblad on location is not being able to shoot faster than 800 of sec. due to Hassy lens shutter speeds which makes it a bit limiting on bright days shooting wide open.

Looking forward to hear more from other users and their experiences.