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IQ in the field power

PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:50 pm
by will111
Hi all. I have just upgraded to the IQ250 from a p40+

On my test day with the camera I had a few issues with power and locking settings on the camera. Battery at about 60% −50% typically problems would occur.

When I sat down with my dealer we decided that perhaps it was connected to power - shooting rapidly, changing settings etc and the lack of power usb can supply (900mha from macbook retina). I am still on C1 -7.2 so will upgrade later today but that won't change the fact that we haven't enough power. The dealer was able to replicate the issue on a iMac running C1 8.1 iMac is rated the same for usb power as macbook. We noted the c1 and the camera conflicting in the camera settings pane of C1 and some options being greyed out hinting at a communication problem.

We talked about usb hubs to give the back more power. Can I presume that if you have the extra power supplied by a hub you can turn battery charging back on and keep the supply levels up to the back and therefore less potential issues of communication of settings between back and software becoming conflicting???

This seems the be the P1 line - use a hub. If so I would like to discuss how to do so out in the field as I think I may have a solution but I want to run it past the community and P1 tech experts as well.

The (7 port Plugable brand) usb 3.0 hub thats sitting on my desk is powered with a mains cable thats converting to 5v DC as well as presumably able to draw from the usb cable that attaches it to the computer. This particular model is rated at 4 amps. Fair to say most powered usb hubs are 5v and around 3amps.

If I was to take a battery block like the hyperjuice ... Phone-USB/ and then a cable or two and plug it all together what would happen?

Say this one ( as long as i'm careful to get a version with the correct barrel polarity for the hub ) ... B00512Z86I

I could possibly double my supply with this ... cable.html

So I come out of potentially both the 12w usb outs of the hyperjuice. 2 x 12W, 5V (2.4A max) and presumably this is per usb port. This combined with the 0.9A from the computer gives me 5.7A at 5v theoretically.

So over to you all. Will this approach work. What is the requirement of the back? Presumably as long as the equipment is not asking for more than 4 amps the fact I am offering up more is irrelevant in the same sense of plugging a TV that wants 1A into a supply that can give 13A? Or have I got this horribly wrong!!!

Will I damage anything!!!! Would the cables be OK?

What I like about this is the thought of having extra juice for the back and the computer if it came to it in the field and hopefully a nice stable shooting set up.

Re: IQ in the field power

PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:25 am
by brianmerwin
My experiences trying to use the IQ250 in any setup other than battery only mode (not trying to charge the back from the USB cable) have been fruitless and I've gone through a number of different hubs and cables (including a few recommended by the PhaseOne team).

Ultimately your iMac (as well as the latest macbook AND the 2013 mac pro tower) all have this issue because there just isn't enough voltage coming from the USB ports, or Thunderbolt ports to power much of anything - let alone charge any devices.

Having said that, tethertools has been working on a new toy called the TetherBoost Core Controller that looks very promising. You can check out the details here: and if your dealer carries TetherTools products they'll probably have it in stock soon enough.

It hasn't shipped yet so I haven't been able to get my hands on it to do any testing, but of everything on the market I'm most hopeful about this.

For now, stock up on batteries, and set the digital back to "battery only" mode, and then make sure if your tether cable is more than 15ft long that it's a high quality active extension cable and you should be good to go.

Re: IQ in the field power

PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:46 pm
by will111
Thanks for this. TBH I think most of my issues have been sorted with a good upgrade of my OS and C1!
Thanks for the reply I'll check it out it would be good in certain circumstances to have a longer usb.