Strange "dust" specks in IQ250 files

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Strange "dust" specks in IQ250 files

Postby dennis_beyer » Mon Feb 10, 2020 2:12 pm

I was wondering if anyone experienced the same as I do currently with my IQ250. I clean the sensor glass wet very carefully. Still, there seems to be a "strip" , like 4 mm wide, consisting of dozens of tiny specks running from the top of the sensor vertically all the way down to the lower edge, right in the middle of the sensor. These specks are persistent, they can`t be removed by wet cleaning. I did not work in a dusty environment recently. I get the impression as if that speck strip were actually behind the sensor glass. Has anyone experienced the same with an IQ back, and are there any experiences on how expensive it is to have such an issue fixed by Phase One? These specks are ruining my images at the moment. Thank you kindly for your answers, regards, Dennis
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