IQ 100mp CMOS back on V Mount

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IQ 100mp CMOS back on V Mount

Postby NN204860UL » Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:07 am

I work with a P65 for a few years, mostly on a Linhof technical Camera (V mount), but on a hasselblad 503 as well.
I have a few excellent lenses with this hasselblad, like the 250mm SA or the 40 mm CFE IF which I love to use.
I'm thinking about buying a new IQ 100mp CMOS back, especially for the high ISO but I see it doesn't exist with a Vmount yet.
This is really a shame!

Do you know if there is any chance Phase one is going to make a Vmount for this kind of backs in the future?

Or is it the future end of my good old hasselblad 503 and its beautiful lenses…

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Re: IQ 100mp CMOS back on V Mount

Postby Jon » Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:39 pm

Hi Thomas,

We do not have plans for an IQ3 100mp or IQ1 100mp back in a V-mount. The reason is that the lenses will not resolve to the pixel size of the 100mp sensor, so the images will not be as sharp as they should be.

60mp was a good match for the V-lenses, and 80mp was about the upper limit of their resolving power.
Kind Regards,
Jon Gilbert
Phase One
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