IQ 100mp CMOS back on V Mount

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IQ 100mp CMOS back on V Mount

Postby NN204860UL » Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:07 am

I work with a P65 for a few years, mostly on a Linhof technical Camera (V mount), but on a hasselblad 503 as well.
I have a few excellent lenses with this hasselblad, like the 250mm SA or the 40 mm CFE IF which I love to use.
I'm thinking about buying a new IQ 100mp CMOS back, especially for the high ISO but I see it doesn't exist with a Vmount yet.
This is really a shame!

Do you know if there is any chance Phase one is going to make a Vmount for this kind of backs in the future?

Or is it the future end of my good old hasselblad 503 and its beautiful lenses…

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